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Pragma was born when a senior project manager and an operational got tired of the tools they were using.

Most of the tools are for task management, not project management. They are designed for operations with little ability to truly manage a project. Some are for project managers only then the project manager has no information about what’s going on with his project on the field.

Pragma is about having a true project management system, with real data from the field.

We started to think about what would be our ideal system.
We both were big fans of PMBoK©, but life is hard and not everything is applicable in the real life of a project.

So we thought a lot and came up with something practical, a methodology built for real life.

job is done

Flow faster than ever

Pragma is pragmatic, easy and fast. Everything is designed to save a lot of time.
From creating the initial project plan, the base requirements and the macro tasks to answer those requirements, all can be done in minutes. Not hours.

Reporting with just 2 clicks

Time reporting was also a big pain point for us, tired of asking the team to make their reporting, and the team tired of making it. We solved that with an elegant module.

Operational save time, you save time, and you have up to date data to manage your projects!

Easy does not mean shallow

Our goal is to give you state of the art indicators to efficiently manage your project, communicate changes with stakeholders, and make beautiful reports in no time.

Made in France

We have 20+ years of experience in project management and more than 10 years in software development in small and large companies.




Jonathan is a software development expert. He worked for Fortune 500 companies as well as venture funded startups.




Joris has been project manager, project director, quality consultant and trainer in the industrial, financial, banking/insurance and ESN worlds.

We would love to get a cup of coffee with you! If you’re too far for that, a video call will do!
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