Stay Organized

Content Structure

Articulate sub-tasks effortlessly!

Are you tired of navigating 3 pages and 2 submenus just to create a subtask?
Add tasks and sub-tasks in a matter of seconds.

Actually add any type of item and sub-item in a matter of seconds. Whether it is a task, a budget, a risk, a requirement or anything else, you can make it the sub-part of another item, add it as a dependency, or simply mark it as related to that item. And it doesn’t have to be the same type of item!

Yes, you can create a requirement that depends on a budget that is related to a meeting, anything you want really, it’s up to you!

You Got It!

Plans & Phases

Create alternative plans

Are you wondering what your plan would look like if X or Y?
Click, copy and start crafting your new plan.

Things have changed and the alternative plan becomes the actual plan? One click. All the history is preserved.

Create alternative plans for your project and figure out what is the best fit in your organization. Share your plans with top management for macro-planning, to communicate around milestones with the stakeholders.



Plan Story

Ghost Plans

Are you wondering how your current plan compares with your initial projection?

Visualize the plan’s story. Get a stunning view of how things look today compared to what they looked when you initially created the plan. What requirement has been dropped, what has been added, what tasks caused the main drifts, what risk became real and what effect did it have.



Clicky Click

Response Wizard

Overview of requirement response

Do you lack a clear view of what tasks respond to what requirement? Build, change and visualize task responses in no time with our easy Response Wizard!

If you decide to drop a requirement you know what tasks will drop and the impacton your deadline, cost and resource availability.

The Help You Needed

Time Management

Have your timesheet pre-filled

Are you wasting time on your timesheet? Get your timesheet in no time!

Every day we guess what you have spent time on, and ask you how much time you spent on it. By doing that we complete your timesheet day after day.
Once you need to report your timesheet, you can see where some hours are missing and quickly search for a task to complete the period, and you’re done!

The Help You Needed


Have a dedicated estimations tool

So you’ve made your plan and you’re ready for estimations. Here comes the nightmare of searching for the tasks of the upcoming phase, opening countless tabs to know what they are about and then one after one setting the estimation in the dedicated form.

Yes, we know, just reading this you’re in pain. This is why we have a dedicated tool for estimations. Each task is presented one after another, and with one click our tool sets the estimation and moves you to the next task to estimate. No task hunt, no time wasted!

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